Dr. Manoj Kumar
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Name :   Dr.Manoj Kumar
Designation :   Senior Principal Scientist
Contact Information :
  • Email id :  mk@nmlindia.org
  • Mobile/Phone no:  Landline: +91-657-2345180, Mobile: +917250263734
Educational Qualification :   Ph.D.
Areas of Expertise :   Metal Extraction and Recycling
No. of Papers Published :   38 including conference papers
  • International :   Manoj Kumar, T.R.Mankhand D. S. R. Murthy, R. Mukhopadhyay, P. M. Prasad, Refining of a low-grade molybdenite concentrate, Hydrometallurgy, 86 (1-2), 2007, 56-62 2. J. Pal, S. Ghosh, M. C. Goswami, D. P. Singh, Manoj Kumar, R. K. Minz and A. K. Upadhyay, Role of direct reduced iron fines in nitrogen removal from electric arc furnace steel, Journal of Steel Research International, 78 (8), 2007, 588-594. 3. Vinay Kumar, Manoj Kumar, M. K. Jha, J. Jeong and J. C. Lee, Solvent extraction of cadmium from sulfate solution with di-(2-ethyl-hexyl)- phosphoric acid diluted in kerosene, Hydrometallurgy, 96 (3), 2009, 230-234. 4. R. Kranti, M. Kumar, S. Ranganathan, S B L Saxena, S P Mehrotra, Resistance heating of oxide slags – Theoretical Model and Experimental Validation, Canadian Metallurgical Quarterly, 2009, 42, 387 – 398. 5. Manoj Kumar, M. Nani Babu, T. R. Mankhand, B. D. Pandey, Precipitation of sodium silicofluoride(Na2SiF6) and cryolite (Na3Al2F6) from HF/HCl leach liquors of alumino-silicates, Hydrometallurgy, 104, 2010, 304 – 307. 6. Manoj Kumar, Jae-chun Lee, Min-Seuk Kim, Jinki Jeong, Kyoungkeun Yoo, Leaching of metals from waste printed circuit boards (WPCBs) using sulfuric acid and nitric acid, Environmental Engineering and Management Journal, October 2014(10), 2601-2607. 7. Navneet Singh Randhawa, Kalpatru Gharami, Manoj Kumar, Leaching kinetics of spent nickel-cadmium battery in sulphuric acid, Hydrometallurgy, 2016, 165(1), 191-198. 8. Sirshendu De, Sourav Mondal, Madan Mohanasundaram, D C Sau, Rajneesh K Gupta, Manoj Kumar, K K Paul, Modeling heat transfer of the electrothermal reactor for magnesium production, International Journal of Thermal Sciences, April 2016, (102), 274-284. 9. Krishna Kumar, Navneet Singh Randhawa, Kalpatru Gharami, D. C. Sau, Manoj Kumar, Studies on dissolution kinetics of dolime in electrothermal magnesium slag, Russian Journal of Non-ferrous Metals, July 2016, 57(4), 287-295. 10.Kalpataru Gharami, Hitesh Rao Patra, Manoj Kumar, Navneet Singh Randhawa, ‘Thermodynamic consideration and phase evolution during oxidation of tungsten–copper electrical contactor scraps’ Russian Journal of Non-ferrous Metals, 2016, 57(4), 361-366. 11. Navneet Singh Randhawa, D. C. Sau and Manoj Kumar, ‘Direct electro-refining of end-of-life industrial copper waste scraps for production of high purity copper powder’, Russian Journal of Non-ferrous Metals, 2016, 57(4), 367-373. 12. Krishna Kumar, Suchandan Kumar Das and Manoj Kumar, ‘Heat Transfer Modeling of Dropwise Condensation Bahaviour of Magnesium Vapour in Electrothermal Production of Magnesium’ Canadian Metallurgical Quaterly (Accepted, January 2020). 13. Sanjay Prasad and Manoj Kumar, ‘Utilization of Roast-Reduced Ilmenite Leach Liquor for Ferrous Chloride Production by Hydrothermal Process’, Transactions of the Indian Institute of Metals’, 73(8), 2121-2124. 14. Manoj Kumar, D. C. Sau, P. Nishant and M. Bhattacharya, Reduction of Ammonium Paratungstate Generated during Hydrometallurgical Processing of Tungsten-Copper Borings, Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 828, 2014, 123-134. 15. Abhishek Tripathi, Manoj Kumar, D. C. Sau, Archana Agrawal, S. Chakravarty, T. R. Mankhand, Leaching of Gold from the Waste Mobile Phone Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) with Ammonium Thiosulphate, International Journal of Metallurgical Engineering,1(2), 2012, 17-21.
  • National :   1. Manoj Kumar, J. Pal and S. Ghosh, ‘Performance of sponge iron charging in electric arc furnace’, J. of Metallurgy and Material Science, 46(3), 2004, 197-204. 2. Manoj Kumar, S. Ranganathan and S. N. Sinha, ‘Reduction of manganese ores’ – A comparative study’, J. of Metallurgy and Material Science, 47(3), 2005, 149-157. 3. Manoj Kumar, S. Prasad and S. Ranganathan, ‘Kinetics of reduction of manganese ores under different flow rates of inert gas’, J. of Metallurgy and Material Science, 48(1), 2006, 23 – 30
No.of.Patents :   1. Manoj Kumar, Bansi Dhar Pandey and Tilak Raj Mankhand, ‘A process for recovery of fluoride chemicals from the leach liquor generated in the refining of low-grade molybdenite concentrate’, [Patent No.: An-0797 DEL 2002]. 2. J. Pal, M. C. Goswami, S. Ghosh and Manoj Kumar, ‘A process for nitrogen removal in electric arc furnace steel’, [Patent no.: 0396 DEL 2006]. 3. Manoj Kumar and Srinivasan Ranganathan, ‘An improved process for the reduction of chromite ore at low temperatures’ patent filed in India. [Patent No.: 0563DEL2009]. 4. Manoj Kumar, Vinay Kumar and B. D. Pnadey, ‘A process for producing high purity copper powder from copper wastes scrap by direct electrolysis’[Patent No.: 0180DEL2009] 5. Manoj Kumar, Viany Kumar and B. D. Pandey, ‘A process for production of tungstic acid from soft tungsten-copper(W-Cu) alloy scrap by the hydrometallurgical process’[Patent No.: 0564 Del. 2009] 6. Manoj Kumar, B. D. Pandey and Vinay Kumar, ‘A process for production of tungstic acid from hard tungsten-copper (W-Cu) alloy scrap’. [Patent No.: 0566 Del. 2009] 7. Manoj Kumar, M. Bhattacharya, D. C. Sau, A. Agrawal, ‘A process for the production of pure tungsten powder from tungsten-copper borings’ [Patent No.: 0061NF2012] 8. D. C. Sau, Manoj Kumar, M. K. Runda, Rakesh Kumar ‘An improved process for the conversion of hematite to magnetite using ammonia gas’. [Ref. No.: 454/KOL/2013 dt. 23.04.2013] 9. D. C. Sau, Manoj Kumar, M. K. Runda and Rakesh Kumar,’An improved process for the conversion of hematite powder into magnetite using compressed natural gas’.[559/KOL/2014 dt. 13.05.2014] 10.Manoj Kumar, D. C. Sau, R. K. Gupta, M. Madan, Sanjay Agarwal, K. K. Paul, Parvesh Kumar, Rakesh Kumar,‘A process for the electrothermic production of magnesium metal. [Ref. No: 0301NF2014 dt.15.05.2015] 11. Manoj Kumar, D. C. Sau, R. K. Gupta, M. Madan, Sanjay Agarwal, K. K. Paul, Parvesh Kumar, Rakesh Kumar, C. B. Jugsenia ‘The connector-condenser of the electrothermic production of magnesium’. [Ref. No: 0315/NF/2014 dt. 21.09.2015] 12. D.C.Sau, Manoj Kumar, M.K.Runda, Rakesh Kumar ‘An improved process for the conversion of hematite into magnetite using coke oven gas (COG) gas’ [Ref. No.: Patent Ref.No.:-PAT-0433/2014 /IN] 13.D.C.Sau, Amit Banerjee, Manoj Kumar and Rakesh Kumar, A process for the conversion of hematite powder into magnetite using Jhama coal. [Ref. No: PAT-0459/2015/IN] 14. D.C.Sau, Manoj .Kumar and M.K.Runda, A Reactor for the reduction of hematite fines to magnetite fines using hydrogen gas. [Ref. No: PAT-0496/2016/IN dated 28.11.2016] 15. D.C.Sau, Manoj Kumar and D.Bandyopadhyay, A process for the production of iron powder from iron oxide fines, [Ref. No: PAT-0526/2018/IN dated 05.03.2018] 16. D.C.Sau and Manoj Kumar, A process for the conversion of fine mill scale particles to magnetite used for heavy media separation, [ Ref. No: PAT-0527/2018/IN dated 21.03.2018] 17 Krishna Kumar, Manoj Kumar, Navneet Singh Randhawa, An improved process for refining of crude/ sponge magnesium using a modified flux. [Ref. No: PAT-0521/2018/IN dated 23.01.2018] 18. Jagannath Pal, A. Ammasi, K. D. Mehta, D. Paswan, Manoj Kumar and D. Bandyopadhyay, ‘An improved process for preparation of briquettes for recycling of iron oxides wastes in steel making’. [Ref. : NML/PATo561-0562/IN]
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No.of.Technologies :   (i) Presently the Principal Investigator of the project on ‘Development of process for Refining of commercial magnesium metal through vacuum distillation’, sponsored by Aeronatical Research Development Board, DRDO, New Delhi. (ii) Development of Magnesium Metal Production Technology [Worked as the Principal Investigator, Funded under 12th FYP, CSIR] (iii) Recovery of high value metals from tungsten containing alloy scraps(W-Cu) using hybrid hydrometallurgical processes [Worked as the Principal Investigator, Funded by DST]. (iv) Studies on conversion of steel wastes(1 & 10kg scale) to magnetite suitable for the heavy media separation [Worked as Co-Project Leaders in several projects, Funded by Tata Steel] (v) Investigation on the reduction of chromite ores at low temperatures [Co-Project Leader, In-house Project]. (vi) Production of copper powder from industrial wastes [Worked as Project Leader, In-house Project]. (vii) To develop the cost effective know-how process for the recovery of high purity tungsten and copper from the tungsten-copper broings. [Worked as Project Leader, In-house Project]
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Equipment/Software Skills :   Development of Equipment related to the Extraction of Metals.

Awards and Recognitions :   (i) At 18th International Conference on Non-Ferrous Minerals and Metals – 11-12 July 2014: 1st prize for the paper presented on ‘Recovery of metals from spent Ni-Cd battery by leaching-electrowinning process’ held at Nagpur, India. (ii) At CSIR-NML: Prof. V. A. Altekar award for working as the Co-Project Leader in the project entitled ‘Development of a process for removal of hazardous metal elements from leach liquor of e-scraps following solvent extraction and recovery of valuables’ at NML. [Sponsor: KIGAM, South Korea] (iii) At CSIR-NML: For the best in-house project at NML for working as the member in the project entitle ‘To explore the performance of DRI fines on the nitrogen removal from arc furnace steel’. (iv) At NMD-ATM 1999, India: Received best poster paper award M. Nani Babu, Manoj Kumar and T. R. Mankhand, ‘Precipitation of cryolite from fluoride solution’ Presented during the 53rd Annual Technical Meeting of The Indian Institute of Metals in November 1999 held at IIT, Kanpur.