Knowledge Resources And Information Technology Division

Knowledge Resource and Information Technology Division (KRIT) deals with knowledge resource management and offers IT infrastructural support to CSIR-NML. There are two independent groups, as below, led by group leaders.

Knowledge Resource Group(KRG) Activities:

  • Library: Collection development, Circulation, Document delivery
  • e-library: Website development and maintenance, Maintenance of Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) and institutional repositories (e-print)
  • In-house Publication: Journal of Metallurgy and Materials Science (JMMS)
  • Knowledge delivery: CSIR Integrated Skill Initiative, Development of contents for CSIR Virtual Laboratory
  • Public information delivery: RTI and PG Portal
  • Outreach programs: Jigyasha, School-NML interaction programmes
  • Publicity & Exhibitions: Press release, advertisement, maintaining archive and museum

Information technology Group (ITG) Activities:

The Information Technology Group [ITG] caters to and co-ordinates the lab-wide needs for IT resources and management in terms of creation of IT infrastructure, its services & maintenance. The group is mainly looking after the development and services of IT facilities & infrastructure at CSIR-NML from basic to advanced level.

The group is well equipped with computational facilities in terms of hardware and software. The team IT consists of scientists and technologists who are actively involved to support the lab level R&D activities by providing reliable and efficient IT infrastructure with uninterrupted Internet service.

CSIR-NML is making use of the IT infrastructure primarily for data transfer, communication, exchange of manuscripts and data with authors and referees, generation of knowledge base through internet, Email communication, ERP, conducting HR interviews/assessments, important project meetings around the globe through video conferencing/ Skype/ MS Team etc.

Besides day-to-day routine activities, following are some of the major milestones achieved while equipping the three campuses of CSIR-NML and two residential dispensaries with the requisite IT infrastructure during the year 2020-2021:

  • Upgradation of existing server in terms of hardware & Software
  • Planning, estimation & installation for IT facility required by user at various renovated places of CSIR-NML
  • Coordination and management of lab wide maintenance services for IT assets of CSIR-NML.
  • Preventive maintenance of IT infrastructure installed across campuses of CSIR-NML
  • Provisioning of IT facilities in terms of network connections and utility services to new recruits.
  • Development and maintenance of several in-house utility web applications.
  • IT support to Human Resource Group (HRG) for performing various HR activities (interviews/ assessments/DPC).
  • Conduction of Video Conferencing sessions for important meetings and various project review activities.
  • Procurement and installation of Large Format Display (LFD) for various locations of NML.
  • Resolution of various technical issues related to CCTV.
  • Upgradation and hardware maintenance of CCTV
  • IT support for conduction of seminars, workshops & conferences at NML
  • Up keeping of turnstile based attendance system at CSIR-NML for employees and pensioners.
  • Verification of data and printing of employee identity card
  • Technical maintenance and upkeep of Aadhaar Enabled Biometric Attendance System (AEBAS)